New CNC-surface grinding machine and CNC-die sinking EDM machine

In the last two months of 2015 we have taken the next step in the modernization of our machinery.
New CNC-surface grinder ESG-2460TD from EDM Trade s.r.o. strengthened our production capacity. In addition to its basic benefits arising from the possibilities of modern CNC-machine, it also usefully complements our new 5-axis milling center with its larger working range.
It enables us now not only to mill larger parts but also grind them “home”.

CNC-surface grinding machine: Model ESG-2460TD
Technical specification:
CNC-controlled axes: Y, Z
Max. grinding length: 1 560 mm
Max. grinding width: 610 mm
Max. workpiece height 520 mm
Max. workpiece weight: 1 450 kg

At the end of the year we also put into operation a new Die sinking EDM machine Mitsubishi EA12-S.


Technical specification:
Working range x/y/z: 400/300/300 mm
Speed C-axis: 30 ot/min.
Max. workpiece weight: 700 kg
Max. electrode weight: 50 kg
Table dimension: 700 x 500mm
Electrode clamping system: Erowa
Control system: Mitsubishi

Purchase of these machines means improving the quality of our supplied products and services.